• Owning a home is a keystone of wealth..

  • It is a comfortable feeling to know that you stand on your own ground.

  • My own recipe for world peace is a bit of land for everyone.

List Of Constructions
C.V.R Chambers

C.V.R Chambers 6 Floor commercial complexconstructed in 2009 with 19000 sft leased to corporates such as METRO & [...]
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Medasani Mansions

Medasani Mansions Constructed in 2008 of 1600 sft 3 bedroom flats at Tadigadapa.   Features: Centrally located in [...]
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Sri Ramgopal Residency

Sri Ramgopal Residency constructed in 2006 with leading market amenities in heart of city consisting of 11 Ultra [...]
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Sri Ramprasad Residency

Sri Ramprasad Residency constructed in 2005 consisting of 36 flats of 3 Bedroom Luxury flats with all interiors. [...]
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Siva Rampriya Residency

Siva Rampriya Residency constructed in 2004 consisting of 16 flats of 3Bedroom design.   Features: Centrally located in [...]
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Rampriya Enclave

Rampriya Enclave constructed in 2002 consisting of 20-3 bedroom deluxe flats with all interiors.   Features: Centrally located [...]
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Sri Rampriya Residency

Sri Rampriya Residency constructed in 2000 consisting of 31-2 bedroom flats & 11-3 Bedroom flats constructed in record [...]
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Rampriya Residency

Rampriya Residency constructed constructed in 1998 consisting of 10 flats of 3 bedrom variant with 1200 sft located [...]
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CMR Residency

Features: Centrally located in the heart of the City. Well Furnished flats with wardrobes & Decorative Interiors Each [...]
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